Lindsay-Bio-Photo-Crop Lindsay Thompson grew up in various cities across the East Coast. This taught her two things at a young age: that she loved to explore new places, and that nothing creates new friendships quite like being able to tell a good story.

Lindsay attended UNC School of the Arts, where she studied Film Directing under Peter Bogdanovich and became fast friends with her fellow conspirators on this film. She graduated with honors in 2012.

In addition to creating Travel Light, Lindsay pioneered the film program at The Arts Based School, where middle school students engage with filmmaking in their regular academic courses. The range of her students' projects included everything from avant-garde shorts adapted from classic poems to documentaries on Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, and other key figures in the NC public school curriculum.

Lindsay currently resides in Connecticut, where she works as a screenwriter, filmmaker, and educator. Recent projects include writing for the PBS show Arthur and creating the storyline for an educational computer game with Curriculum Associates.

You can see Lindsay's work at