Emily Headshot smaller Emily Curtin, formerly Emily Maysilles, received her BFA in Film Editing from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. When she left school, Emily had no idea it would launch a season of cross-country journeys in pursuit of filmmaking. Her travels took her from rock concerts in Austin and NYC, to a music studio in San Francisco, to the rain-drizzled city of Seattle where she assisted the photographer/filmmaker Elaine Mayes, finally journeying to New Hampshire where she served as a postproduction intern for Ken Burn's documentary studio.

Under the combined influence of Ms. Mayes and the crew at Florentine Films, Emily found her passion for documentaries and their power to translate the human experience to the screen. Documentaries present the unique challenge to the editor of finding the storyline in the midst of all the footage, and in such they're really an editor's art. (Just don't tell the director that.)

Emily lives in the multicultural urban forest of Atlanta, GA, with her husband Ryan and two cats. While editing Travel Light, Emily finished her second degree in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. She currently works her computer and editing magic at The Weather Channel.

You can check out her creations made with frames and with bits at http://framebit.org/.