It has been said that you know a culture by the stories it tells. If the world converges on Santiago de Compostela every year, bringing stories of pain, redemption, transition, truth and the beauty of the human experience… could there be a better place to go and collect stories? To see the heartbeat of a world that’s changing so quickly?

In the summer of 2013, four filmmakers crossed the Camino de Santiago with just their backpacks, basic supplies… and their cameras.

Along the way, they documented both their personal experiences and the unique stories of the pilgrims they met along the way.


Why Travel Light?

It's a command, a piece of advice handed to every aspiring traveler on the Camino. Anyone who's ever taken a substantial journey and asked for advice has been told, at some point, to pack as lightly as possible.

It's also a philosophical idea, the question raised about what a person actually carries with them throughout their life, the light of one soul being drawn across the world to entangle with others. It's a scientific concept, an unspoken impression of times past and future, all told in the traveling of light itself.

And it's a state of being. Every one brings things with them onto the Camino. Physical things, their clothes, their shoes, their toothbrush, but also the intangible baggage of existance. Their lives before the Camino, their friends, families, experiences. Hopes, dreams, sorrows, we carry them all in our packs in every moment of life. It's not as easy at it sounds to travel light. But all these people on this journey are trying. And that makes their stories worth all the telling.