Day 14: Burgos to Hornillos del Camino

Writing about day 14 from our day 15 final destination. Last night I couldn't charge my phone, but there wasn't any WIFI access anyway (because the man running the alburgue had forgotten the password.) Walking out of Burgos, you could start to feel the weather change. The land is flattening out, but we still have rolling hills. The long grass waving in the wind reminds us of Oklahoma or east Texas.

At a breaking point along the way, a Spanish couple asked if we were Italian. Lauren and Ron tease me about it, but I get excited every time someone thinks we're from somewhere other than the States. (Ron and I have gotten Irish a lot. Ron also gets German. Lauren gets a bit of everything.)

In our final destination of Hornillos del Camino, we hung out with friends from Austria, Japan, and Germany, and interviewed our friend Lisa, from Denmark, who we've been traveling with for a few days now. She's been in quite a bit of footage already (she experienced the wonderful weirdness of San Juan de Ortega along with us, after all), but last night was our first real interview. I won't tell you about it all right now (the movie has to have some surprises after all), but suffice it to say that Lisa is pretty darn awesome.