Day 3: Larrasoaña to Pamplona

Today we walked from Lorrasoaña to Pamplona (a mere 16km after the long hikes of the last few days.) Again, we tried to walk with Michael, and again, we missed him, even though we were in time. As we ate our breakfast of bread and coffee at the small town market, we started talking to another group of pilgrims. It turns out they were divinity students from Alabama. We asked if we could walk with them, and began the journey to Pamplona.

One of the guys in the group, Hunter, has done the Camino twice before. It's his dream to come back here after school and open his own hospitality ministry, feeding pilgrims for free and listening to their stories.

We interviewed the guys over mid-morning coffee at El Horno, and their professor, Peter, started to talk more about the theology of the Camino. After a short time, he stopped. "Theology is best discussed over a beer," he said. We agreed to meet up in Pamplona tonight to have a beer and talk more about God.

We got to Pamplona around lunch, where we met Gabriela at our hostel. It's great to only to hike for five hours after the last couple days. We took long, hot showers, and are transferring the footage from the past couple days onto hard drives. It's strange to rest, and be in a city after all the mountain villages. But I think my muscles are happy for the break.