Day 30: Calbor to Barbadelos

We didn't walk nearly as far as we intended to today, but it ended up being exactly what we need to do. We met up with Susan Mann in Barbadelos, an artist and photographer who moved to Spain so she could document the synchronicities of the Camino. We talked with her for awhile about her work, and she graciously invited us to stay for a barbacoa lunch. At the lunch was Jim, a pilgrim that Susan and Gabriela had met earlier when he wandered into the studio look for an albergue. Jim is doing the Camino with no money, seeing if it is still possible to live the old-fashioned pilgrim lifestyle. He is doing this to help raise money for the orphanage he runs in Kenya, donors sponsoring him per mile. Jim also runs an orphanage in Thailand and is one of those people who just pour out love to everyone he meets. I can't think of a better reason to not meet our distance goal for the day than getting the opportunity to listen to his stories, and to Susan's as we shared food for hours (other pilgrims wandering in as the meal progressed).