Day 9: Navarrete to Najera

Since we last talked, the Travel Light team has walked from Estella to Los Arcos, Los Arcos to Viana, Viana to Navarrete, and finally, today, Navarrate to Najera. Thats 194.1 km, or about 120 miles. It's a holiday in Najera, the day of San Juan. The streets are packed with people partying. It's strange, the pattern of life we've fallen into. Walking seems normal now. Home seems far away. Fewer pilgrims we know are at each hostel as everyone spreads out and goes at their own pace. Last night there were only five other pilgrims at our alburgue. Each day feels like two days... The half the day you walk is one, the half you recover, cook, and talk to others is another. So this is day 9.

In Los Arcos, a German man named Rolf said that the Camino becomes an addiction. That you have to be careful, or these patterns will become a craving once you go home. We joke that we are like the Lost Boys in Peter Pan. Home feels like a distant memory, and we keep on walking.