Kickstarter Update!

Hello, friends! Just a quick update on our Kickstarter fundraising so far. As you well know, we started the campaign fifteen days ago, leaving us now with only 25 days until completion. We've raised just over 25% of our goal, which is fantastic! It's incredible that people are getting behind this project enough to even get us there.

But we've kind of been lingering at the 25% mark for a while now, and could really use the push to help us get over this plateau and keep climbing. Instead of focusing entirely on the large goal at hand, we're going to take today to focus on smaller bits and pieces that could really make all the difference. Today, we ask that you consider helping us with only $10 towards our Kickstarter. We're aiming to get one hundred people behind us with ten dollars each, a fantastic push that would raise a total $1,000 in a single day!

While we are incredibly grateful for the backers who have helped in large ways, today is about how far just $10 can take this project. You don't have to have gobs of money in order to support our project on the Camino. While it may feel like so little, this goal is all about realizing that what feels like a small donation can really or break this project. We need everyone who things this is a good idea, who wants to support us and help make this film. The amount of money isn't what matters. Today is about the act. If you've been waiting to join our backers, today's your day!

Thanks again to all our dear friends, and especially to those who hardly know us at all. We keep pushing towards this because of you.