We're Here!

We're here! In Spain. Yes, it's a country completely foreign to our own... But something about being here feels right. Surreal, even. As though we're supposed to be here. It's like when you meet a stranger that you connect with immediately. There will still be those awkward moments of experiencing something new... But this connection, this strange, surreal feeling, will get you through that. We're staying in a Barcelona pension until Ron arrives on the 14th (fresh off a dinosaur film in Montana.) Gabriela, who's been hanging out in Europe since her Cannes internship ended a couple weeks ago, had been helping us adjust more quickly to our temporary Spanish-speaking home.

There is so much I could write about now... And I will be writing more often... But I'll finish this post with some much-deserved thanks. Thank you to all the friends, family, and community members back home who made preproduction its own Camino. I learned so much from that journey, hard as much of it was, and it's your support that got me through. Our last night in Winston, friends playing folk music in the front porch while Lauren and I finished final film plans, was the perfect end to that journey (thank you David, Rachel, Logan, and Ryan.)

"We walk as trees across this earth."