Day 4: Morning in Pamplona

The hostels on his trail are very silent in the morning. Everyone wakes up and begins quickly, methodically, going about their business.... re-packing packs, rubbing Vaseline between toes to prevent blisters, filling up water bottles for the day ahead. Everyone gauges what they need, knowing they have about thirty minutes to be prepared for what could be ten hours of walking.

Right now, this is happening in our Pamplona hostel. Lauren is making tea while I should be packing, and Gabriela is helping us double check that we have everything. My pack is almost done, so I felt validated in writing for a bit.

Today we walk the furthest yet... 26km to Puenta me Reina. My muscles are stiff, but all of us have some pains now. All of us are a little sunburned, far more tan than before... All of us awkwardly stretch out our muscles whenever given the chance. My shoulders are the worst. We've done 44 miles. So just about 450 to go right? How bad could it be?