Day 4: Pamplona to Puente La Reina

Today has been so good. We started out walking in the rain, but even the rain was beautiful. We're working better and better as a team. Everything feels more joyful, and we're noticing more details, playing more with our art as we go along.

At the top of a mountain today, shrouded in fog, stood these metal statues. As Lauren started shooting them, I noticed they made different tones when you hit them. The impromptu music echoed over the hills, and became an accidental soundtrack to the moment. It might sound weird, but wait till you see what we got. It's very, very cool.


We arrived at our hostel in Puente la Reina to discover a lot of our new friends staying there. And the price of a bed is only 5 euros. In short, it's been a good day.

Oh, and we saw a French family who is walking the Camino with a donkey, to help with carrying the extra stuff they need for their young son. They're actually staying at our hostel, too, and just now, as I was taking a shower, I heard the mother with the little boy a couple stalls over, the little boy singing pilgrim songs in French.

Well, I'm off to dinner and more interviews. We found a place that actually has vegetarian food, so Lauren can have some kale for the first time in a week.